Mokroš Biocentre

The Mokroš Biocentre consists of manmade wetlands created in 2004 on waterlogged fields near Mořice. The ponds are seamed by a meadow, trees, and shrubs, which over time ought to evolve into an alluvial forest. It is intriguing to see how the biocentre has developed over the years. Thanks to the efforts of ČSOP, a great variety of plant and animal species, which had led a scattered existence in the surrounding farmland area, have taken refuge here.

Far and wide around Němčice in the Haná area, all you see is farmland, but no forest or nature reserve that would be a suitable destination for excursions for the locals. The Mokroš vicinity, however, could not be drained sufficiently for agricultural purposes. And thus it came to be that ČSOP Haná took the site under its wings and transformed it into a unique biocentre. A wooden footpath and an arbour (which does double duty as an observation point), built in 2008 thanks to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, supplemented with info panels, offer local citizens a place to seek rest, to be "closer to nature", and to perhaps learn something about "their" neck of the woods.

place:Mořice, District of Prostějov, Olomouc Region
Way there:Leaving behind the last houses of Mořice on the road to Němčice, turn left into the fields. The first panel of the educational trail is right by the road. In the distance, at the end of a row of poplar trees, you will spot the Mokroš wetlands. GPS: N 49°19.64922', E 17°11.22945'.
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