Libušín Fortification

The fortified settlement of Libušín is a mix of history, nature, and evidence of the destructive influence of humankind on nature, but also of our efforts to provide remedies. The fortification was very likely established in the 10th century. If we are to believe the chronicles of Cosmas, it was here that Princess Libuše foretold of a city whose glory would touch the stars. Indeed, some archaeological research suggests a permanent settlement after the 6th century, as well as the existence of a pagan temple. The Church of St. George, a wooden belfry, and the sexton's cottage all still survive inside the castle walls.

The nature around the fortified settlement is very variegated. More than 200 plant species grow here, providing shelter and food to untold numbers of animal species. On the fortification, one finds stands of mighty Cornelian cherry; remnants of the old orchards are spread across the southern slope, while Libuše's well is found on the northern slope. Across the way, facing the northern base, is an expanse of former coal mines, which offer interesting insights into the various stages of controlled remediation and of natural recovery without human input.

All this is explained to visitors on a hiking trail with 11 stations, built in 2014 by the local ČSOP chapter for the Kladno area, thanks to the Net4Gas Closer to Nature programme. Hikers embarking on the trail can look forward to refreshing themselves at a natural water well, and to taking a rest in the shade under the trees near the belfry after reaching the end of the loop.

place:Libušín, District of Kladno, Central Bohemian Region
Way there:By foot from the town square in Libušín, following first blue and then green hiking trail markers for altogether about 1.5 km. Alternatively, get off at the public transport stop Důl Libušín and then follow the green hiking trail for approx. 1 km. Coming from the Důl Libušín stop, the trail is baby carriage-friendly and suitable for cycling as well. GPS: N50°9.70292' E14°2.15872'
Practical information: