The Housle ("Violin") is a natural monument within the Šárka-Lysolaje park, and an intriguing geomorphological structure that is uncommon in the vicinity of Prague. A canyon, several hundred meters long and at some points up to thirty meters deep, was cut into layers of loess, sandstone, marlstone, and slate by an ancient brook that has long since dried up.

But the interesting aspects of the "Violin" don't end with geology: thanks to the cool and moist environment, a number of moss and fungal species thrive at the bottom of the ravine, while the very rare, heat-loving Dwarf Cherry can be found perched on the top edge of the canyon. The site is also home to numerous animal species, from birds to small mammals and insects. In the lower part of the valley, we find the Magic Fountain, steeped in legend, and a wayside shrine.

The educational trail was created in 2012, and marks the 50th site that benefited from the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme. By means of 10 information panels, it familiarises visitors with all the interesting aspects of the ravine, the Šárka-Lysolaje nature park, and the history of the place and its people. The ČSOP also engaged in some landscaping and restored access to a scenic lookout. Kids can play with a finger maze, and each info panel has a special task or quiz for them in store, presented by a fox (the heraldic animal of Lysolaje) - such as having to guess distances in nature.

place:Prague 6 Municipal District - Lysolaje, Capital City of Prague
Way there:By Buses Nos. 160, 355 or 359 from Dejvická Metro Station in Prague, Lysolaje stop. GPS: N 50°7.56807', E 14°22.05978'
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