Support the Closer to Nature programme in VIA BONA award vote

With your vote, you can support the Closer to Nature programme in the VIA BONA anniversary award in the "Good Company" category at

The VIA BONA Commission has decided this spring to nominate the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme among the finalists of the 20th anniversary VIA BONA award in the "Good Company" category. The commission particularly evaluated the long-term benefit and inspiration for a particular philanthropic area.

VIA BONA is a prestigious public award for individuals and companies for their philanthropic work in the Czech Republic. NET4GAS won it for the Closer to Nature program in 2015. This year, the VIA Foundation, which is the owner of the awards, returns to all previous years, selecting five most strong examples of philanthropy in four categories: Individual Philanthropy, Philanthropy of the Youth, Regional Philanthropy and Good Company. And just among the five finalists of all those who won this prize for the last twenty years, the Closer to Nature programme was also selected in the last category Good Company.

Where can you vote?
All information about the voting, including the presentation of all finalists, can be found at

Thank you in advance and wish you nice spring days :-)

Support the Closer to Nature programme in VIA BONA award vote