On a trip to five natural springs in Modřanská Ravine

The Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP) has presented the general public with a new educational trail in Modřany (a Prague district), named the "Valley of Springs". The trail leads visitors into a quiet side-valley of the “Modřanská rokle” ravine, where five springs come to the surface. This is already the fourth spot of nature within the borders of the capital city that the ČSOP has made accessible to visitors under the "NET4GAS Closer to Nature" programme.

The three hundred-metre trail begins in the ravine cut by the Libušský potok and known as Modřanská rokle – a favourite destination among Praguers for walks or for sports activities. They may now safely take a detour through an idyllic valley to a place called "In the Foxholes", to see the springs. The water has found various ways to the surface, and thus the ways in which the springs have been secured also vary: some have been put under a canopy, while others have had their wellhead reinforced with wooden palisades (because they surface in swampy surroundings). Also, each of the springs has been given its own name. It is a noteworthy curiosity that the water from one of the local wellsprings contains about as much calcium, magnesium and CO2 as the Mattoni mineral water. 

As part of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, members of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation have cleaned up and re-canopied these springs. Also, three information panels have been installed along the trail, which tell visitors about the local history, hydrogeology and animal and plant life. The springs in the valley are visited by forest game: boars and roe deer, but also by numerous birds. Birdwatchers may, for example, chance upon the Great Spotted Woodpecker, the Common Chiffchaff, the Eurasian Blackcap, and on rare occasions, the Tawny Owl. The location is rich in snails and beetles. The shallow temporary ponds in the lower part of the valley are preferred spots among frogs: the Edible Frog and the Common Toad.

The trail is easily reached coming from the Sídliště Libuš bus stop (bus lines 215 and 165). GPS: 50.0042000N, 14.4572000E

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On a trip to five natural springs in Modřanská Ravine