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St. John's Rapids

This rocky trail above the Vltava (Moldau) River, between Třebenice and Štěchovice, leads you through places rich in history and gorgeous nature. Once a white-water canyon and the bane of raftsmen, the rapids have kept a lot of their charm to the present day, even after the Štěchovice Reservoir was built to tame them. Because of its unique atmosphere, the site became popular among hikers and campers, who established one of their first settlements here: the well-known ‘Ztracenka’. The original educational trail was in an abysmal state, but was completely restored in 2013 by the Zvoneček chapter of the ČSOP, thanks to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme.

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Support the Closer to Nature programme in VIA BONA award vote

18.04.2017 With your vote, you can support the Closer to Nature programme in the VIA BONA anniversary award in the "Good Company" category at

NET4GAS Closer to Nature Program celebrates ten-year anniversary

27.03.2017 In collaboration with the Czech Union for Nature Conservation, NET4GAS has made 80 sites of nature across the entire Czech Republic available to the public, with more than 600 accompanying features.

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About the project

NET4GAS is both a reliable and safe gas transmission system operator, and at the same time pursues a responsible policy aimed at protecting nature and the environment for future generations. The commercial operations of NET4GAS are very closely connected with the issue of nature conservation, as during both the construction and the operation of its gas infrastructure it must comply with strict environmental standards. In fact, its concern for the natural environment extends even beyond the requirements of legislation, meaning rather a question of corporate social responsibility. It is this principle which underlies the long term strategy of corporate philanthropy and sponsorship which has been implemented under the programme NET4GAS Closer to Nature since 2007.

2015 award for a large company
for long-term support of the
Czech Union for Nature Conservation

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White Hellebore
A perennial plant, 50 – 150 cm tall, with dense foliage, its flowers are arranged in rich, top-curved panicles, with green petals. It flowers from June to August. The fruit is a capsule. The root is very toxic, and in the past was used for leechcraft. The Czech popular name (“sneezing flower”) alludes to the fact that the powder from this plant’s rhizomes is a strong mucosal irritant that triggers sneezing attacks. It grows on mountain meadows and pastures, in stands of crooked wood or open forests, in hilly to mountainous terrain.

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