Klíč Valley

The cone-shaped summit of Klíč is among the major landmarks of the Lužice Mountains. On its top, you find a rocky plateau offering a panorama of the Lužice Mountains in their entirety, and moreover the Ralsko Downs, Nový Bor, the Central Bohemian Uplands, and Ještěd (weather permitting). But the valley beneath Klíč is also an interesting destination in its own right, and visitors may spot rare bird species or admire the local plant communities.

As of 2007, an educational trail leads around the bottom of Klíč - the first one built by the ČSOP under the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, and one that was specifically designed for children. The trail aims to open children's eyes to the beauty of the local nature and teach them how to conduct themselves in this environment.

place:Svor, District of Česká Lípa, Liberec Region
Way there:Coming from the last turn in the road in Svor (going in the direction of Kytlice), one can walk up all the way to the edge of the forest, where the first panel of the educational trail is found (a little way from the lake on the blue hiking trail). GPS: N 50°47.82783', E 14°34.42712'
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