Forest Full of Senses

The "Les plný smyslů" (Forest Full of Senses, or 'Sensual Forest') is a non-traditional educational trail, in that it teaches children to perceive nature not only visually, but also with all of their other senses. Visitors are invited to listen to the sounds of the forest, play a forest xylophone, take in the various scents and fragrances of plants, or track animals. Additional activities include a visit to the "insect hotel", or checking out various kinds of bird nesting boxes. In warm weather, the kids may also cross a "haptic trail" barefoot.

The educational trail, which was built by ČSOP Tilia in 2008, drawing upon the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, is also used by schools far and wide to supplement their curriculum in various ways.

place:Krásná Lípa, District of Děčín, Ústí nad Labem Region
Way there:The trail lies within the "Buk" field camp of the ČSOP. GPS: N 50°54.96120', E 14°29.38855'
Practical information:
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